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    Welcome to North Coast Design

    Our Vision

    At North Coast Design, our vision is driven by a deep understanding that your home or commercial space is more than just a physical structure; it is an embodiment of your dreams, aspirations, and unique personality. We are passionate about creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics and practicality.

    Our ultimate goal is to craft exceptional environments that not only inspire but also resonate with your individuality, bringing forth a sense of joy, comfort, and fulfillment. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, we strive to exceed your expectations, transforming your vision into a tangible reality that reflects who you are and enhances your everyday experiences.

    Featured Services

    At North Coast Design (NCD), we offer a comprehensive range of architectural and structural design services to cater to your residential and commercial needs.

    Our talented team of professionals specializes in architectural documentation and drafting, structural design, 3D modeling, council submissions, and project coordination. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or renovating an existing space, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With a meticulous approach, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality, we work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life and create spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with their unique requirements.

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    What Our Clients Say


    I had a very good experience with North coast design, I was having planning issues and the team got my project over the line without a problem.
    I recommend them and will certainly be using them again, very professional with a personal touch. 5/5

    Paul Andrews


    North Coast Design have made designing my home a fantastic experience. Everyone is friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I went in with a plan of what I wanted and in no time I could see it and it was exactly like I imagined. If you want a professional team to help you design your home give these guys a call. I highly recommend Alex, Ash, Jayden and Jessie from North Coast Design.

    Gina Kerr


    Alex and the team at North Coast Design, have helped me with several designs and elevations, which required several types of drafting. They have great advice and knowledge within the building industry and I cannot recommend them enough.

    Aaron Meredith


    Draftsman Mandurah
    High-Quality Drafting Services from the industry leaders

    Dream it! Design it! Document it! Home or commercial design made easy!

    Get highly detailed drafting in Mandurah at a competitive price. North Coast Design is your one stop destination for all your architectural and structural drafting needs! Our expert draftsman in Mandurah will complete your drawings on time taking into account the required regulations.

    At North Coast Design, we do so much more than drafting! We will show you how we can empower you as an owner-builder, or renovator because no matter what stage you’re at, we’re here to support you!

    Get Professional Architectural and Structural Drafting Services in Mandurah

    Need drafting services? We’ll provide accurate and detailed drawings that meet your unique needs and comply with local codes and regulations.

    Accuracy Guaranteed – With years of experience behind us, we guarantee a successful project from start to finish. As a leading Mandurah drafting company, we offer drafting services in all disciplines, such as structural drafting and architectural drafting. You can count on us for accurate drawings every time!

    Saving You Time – We combine a customer-oriented approach with technical agility to provide customers throughout Western Australia top quality drafting services with quick turnaround times.

    Drawings That Meet Your Unique Needs – Whether it is residential or commercial, and regardless of the scale of project, we will ensure your drawings meet the specific needs of your project!

    Get Things Done – Let us walk you through the drafting and documentation process from start to finish, so all you need to do is sit back and relax while we work. We can assist with all consultants required for your council application, and even assist with the application lodgement itself.

    Competitive Quotes – Don’t waste time! With us, your quote is always competitively priced, and we provide quotes for all our drafting services so you can compare without hassle. With competitive quotes, our services are available for residential and commercial builders, new homeowners, property developers, and home renovations in Mandurah.

    Professionals are Certified – Ensuring quality work is done from start to finish. We combine technical knowledge with a customer-focused approach, disciplined design engineering and competitive pricing.


    Question: What is drafting?

    Answer: Drafting is a process of using computer-aided design (CAD) to draw an accurate technical representation of the building that will be constructed. In earlier days, pen and paper were used to create these drawings. At North Coast Design, we use both 2D and 3D software to create detailed sets of drawings that communicate both form and function, which are then used for construction, and to achieve council approvals. The act of drafting in Mandurah is incredibly precise, and a blueprint for the construction is created. Drawings of the building also include multiple elevations and the floor plan, as well as detailed views containing information about individual components.

    Question: Who is a draftsman?

    Answer: A draftsman in Mandurah is a skilled person who creates technical blueprints of a building using CAD software. There are many ways to make a technical drawing, including by hand or by using a program, such as AutoCAD or Archicad. Different applications of drafting, from architecture to engineering will have different draftsman requirements. Although in Western Australia there are no legal requirements for draftsman to be qualified, all of the draftsman at North Coast Design have their Diplomas. At North Coast Design, we are not only draftsman, but designers as well. We consider your wants and needs, as well as other factors like your budget when designing your project. We then complete the technical aspects required of a draftsman including, plans of the floors, elevations, sections, details, site plan, room layout, plans for the electrical system, and more.

    Question: What is the turnaround time?

    Answer: The turnaround time for our drafting services in Mandurah changes based on the complexity of the project we undertake and project schedule requirements. For some projects, the drafting can be done overnight, while other projects may take weeks or even months. There are many stages to a design / drafting project that must be considered. Within the architectural drafting and design stages there is concept design, preliminary /planning approvals and construction documentation. Then you have structural documentation and certification, along with other consultants that may be required for your project (Energy Assessment and BAL Assessments for example).

    Question: How much do you charge for drafting?

    Answer: The cost of drafting services depends on the size and complexity of the project which is why we quote every project individually. We have jobs starting from $350, ranging up to $50,000+. The average cost for a residential project is around $3000 – $6000. This can vary greatly though dependent on client and job specific requirements, design work etc. You then also have consultants to consider on top of this that are required for council approval. The hourly rate for a draftsman with experience can range from $80 to $165. The price also varies depending on the number of revisions required and how quickly you need the drawings. For complex commercial drafting in Mandurah, the cost will be higher compared to a simple residential project. To get an accurate quote, please contact us with your project details.

    Question: I am looking to renovate but don’t have my existing house drawings, what do I do?

    Answer: Not to worry, as a leading Mandurah drafting company, there are a few different avenues that we can consider if you do not have the existing documentation. First and foremost, we recommend having an archive search completed at your local council. If this produces no results, we always have the ability to complete a full site measure and redraw of your building, ready to start the design and drafting process. Contact our experts for more information.

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