Christmas Donations


Dear all of our current and previous clients, consultants and other members of the public that we regularly deal with.

Each year North Coast Design and Drafting give out gifts to some of the main people or businesses that we have been involved with throughout the year (as well as often receiving gifts also) however this year we have decided to do things differently. Rather than providing gifts to these people or businesses, this year North Coast Design and Drafting will be making hamper donations to Give A Feed / Foodbank to help those in less fortunate situations and families in need, on behalf of these individuals and businesses.

We are sure that all of these individuals and businesses will understand why we are choosing to do this however we want to make it clear just how much we appreciate all of the support and relationships that we have developed not only over the last year, but over Francis’ 25 years in business.

We also request that any businesses or individuals that may be considering providing North Coast Design and Drafting with a Christmas Gift that instead you make a contribution to Foodbank / Give a feed or any other charity of your choice. Please click here should you wish to make a donation.

North Coast Design and Drafting will close for the holiday on Thursday the 20th of December and will resume work on the 7th of January, 2019. On behalf of the North Coast Design and Drafting team, as well as the Robinson family, we hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday period and we look forward to seeing and hearing from everyone in the New Year.

If there is anything over the break that requires attention then please email the office on as the emails will still be checked every few days.


North Coast Design