Fire Retardant Paints

To adapt in the construction industry is essential. There are constantly new and improved products introduced into the market, some of which will replace previous methods of how things are done, and some that will prove to not be very effective and will only be short lived. In regards to commercial design and drafting there are more regulations, requirements and guidelines that must be considered in comparison to residential design. Fire retardant paints are a new product that North Coast Design were introduced to recently. These paints achieve fire resistant ratings and bushfire ratings to Australian Standards. This means with a few coats of paint we can eliminate the need for bulky, expensive fire retardant systems and materials that were previously used such as metal columns with James Hardie or CSR fire resistant claddings.

This advancement will be beneficial to builders and business owners completing construction works as without impacting the current design trends, this product is able to save money on materials as well as the fact that minimum experience is required to apply the paint.

Brands that offer these products include Promat and Exfire. If you are completing a commercial project then you should definitely do some further research on these products. One of our recent design and drafting projects in the Galbraith Business Park is currently under construction and the builder has chosen to use Promapaint SC-4 which achieves a fire rating up to R-120. The product will also be considered for the proposed Ravenswood Hotel renovations that North Coast Design are currently completing the documentation for.

We expect that this is only the beginning for new, innovate products within the commercial industry making construction cheaper and more convenient for those involved.