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Before contacting Home Builders Perth, read below!

When looking at home builders Perth, consider your building design expert first! Whether you are looking at completing your project owner-builder or through a builder, North Coast Design should be your first point of call.

But why should you contact a building designer before consulting with home builders Perth?

Having a building designer complete your documentation allows you to get quotes from multiple home builders Perth. If a builder completes the documentation for you, the builder may retain copyright to the plans. As a result, if you are not happy with the builder, you may not be able to take the plans to another builder for a quote.

If you have your design completed by North Coast Design, not only will we assist you all the required approvals and consultants (as will be explained if you continue reading), you will also be able to get quotes from numerous builders and not have to worry about copyright infringements. A representative of North Coast Design will then also sit down with you if required to look over the quotes. We can help ensure that you are getting what you paid for and that you have selected the most suitable Home Builders Perth for your project.


Being one of the leading building designers in Perth, North Coast Design offer a range of services to our clientele that sets us apart from our competitors. This includes but is not limited to; architectural design, structural design, 3D design and interior design. We also deal with all of the consultants required to receive council approvals including but not limited too; energy assessors, BAL assessors, land and building surveyors, your local council and your builder once selected if required. Click here for a further breakdown of our capabilities.

Here at North Coast Design we understand that a new build or renovation project can be daunting and stressful. Our job is to not only provide you with a design that you are happy with but to ensure that you feel comfortable with the design process and do our best to ensure that this feeling flows on to the construction stages.

If you would like an obligation free meeting or to just have a brief discussion with an experienced building designer then please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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