North Coast Design Locations

View our extensive amount of design experience through our interactive map.


Throughout his career as a building designer and draftsman at North Coast Design and previous business’ that he directed, Francis has designed an incredible amount of jobs. There has been such a vast variety, as so is evident on our projects page. He has designed houses in Mandurah, spray parks in Exmouth, restaurants in Geraldton, additions for a meat processors in Narrogin, and the list goes on. Some have been projects where Francis has donated his time to give back to the community, some streets have over 5 house designs completed by North Coast Design, and we have even gone to the extent of designing whole estates. Over all this time, Francis has consistently put all of his effort into every design that he has completed as a building designer / draftsman. Not all of these jobs have gone ahead for numerous reasons out of our control; but the below list is a significant amount of designs that Francis has put his time and effort into.

The purpose of this map is to show our past, present and future clients just how influential Francis has been on many individuals, families and communities. From this map it is easy to see the extensive amount of design experience that the whole North Coast Design team has and why we are the best building designers / drafting company in the WA.

Disclaimer: If there is a point that has been marked incorrectly, or you would like removed then please email ( or call (9535 2055) North Coast Design and we will be happy to alter this for you.