Master Builders Association

As our social media following may be aware from our previous posts, North Coast Design has recently become members of the Master Builders Association of Western Australia (MBAWA). This has been a part of our decision to try to expand and grow our business. Despite the name ‘Master Builders’, MBAWA is full of a variety of professions relating to the building and construction industry, both in the residential and commercial sectors, including building designers and draftsmen such as ourselves. As per the MBAWA website ( ‘The association has been representing and promoting the views and interests of the building and construction industry in WA since 1989.’

Just recently on the 18th of August, Francis and Alex attended the MBAWA CEO and members lunch. This was a great time to network and mingle with many other industry related professionals, as well as to enjoy some spectacular food. The guest speaker was the director of Fast Brick Robotics – ‘The revolutionary bricklaying machine’ – who gave an intriguing speech, followed by an engaging question time.

North Coast Design has already made numerous contacts through the MBAWA and look forward to continuing on with our involvement into their events to enable us to grow, learn and network with building designers and draftsmen. We encourage that others in the construction industry consider becoming members to reap the many benefits that are available.