Renovations – Before and After

At North Coast Design, a substantial amount of our work is residential renovation / additions. This may be a simple walk-in-robe addition or a patio extension. It may also be a large second-storey addition or a complete overhaul of the existing house.

We are able to complete renovations of any size and degree of difficulty, as cliché as it sounds, there truly is no job to small or too large. Our structural drafting experience, combined with our architectural drafting experience ensures that we are the perfect candidate for your project. We can help with the initial design all the way until you receive your building approvals including assistance with choosing a builder or providing our trades list if you decide to owner-build.

As many of you may know, I try and regularly get out and take photos of our current and past projects during their construction phase, as well as upon completion. This is great not only to keep our followers up to date with our projects. It also helps us to keep records of our previous projects and track their advancements. This time on-site allows me to keep in contact with clients throughout their build.

A particular focus of these photos as of late has been obtaining before and after photos of our renovations. This allows the clients to reflect upon the renovation as a whole, while also showing our followers the contrast between the two. If a renovation is completed correctly, it ties into the existing house. To somebody that had not seen the house before, they should not be able to tell a renovation was completed.

Below is a gallery of predominately recent renovations that I was able to take before and after photos of.









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