North Coast Designs is a small, professional, boutique, customer-focused practice specialising in individually and uniquely designed residential and commercial structures tailored to your requirements.

Whether a new build or a renovation, regardless of the size or idea for your project, we find the best solution for you and your budget, and the end result is something of which you will be proud. We design to anticipate future developments as well as meet current needs, constantly seeking fresh directions in design.

We are innovative, progressive, competitive, and ecologically responsible. Here at North Coast Designs, both our director and the team, live and breathe our passion for architectural design.

North Coast Designs have many capabilities. We can design any of the following, customised exactly to your requirements.

Our Services Include

Architectural drafting and Design

Structural drafting and design

3D design

Interior design

Council Assistance


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how can we help you with your project?

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