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Whether you are an individual looking to start a childcare centre, an individual looking to expand their current childcare centre or open a new centre, or a builder who’s focus is on the development of childcare centers, North Coast Design are able to assist you with the design and drafting requirement’s.

North Coast Design are an established architectural and structural, drafting and design company located in Mandurah but servicing the entirety of Western Australia in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Francis Robinson, Director of North Coast Design, has been in the drafting and design industry for 25 years and as a result have developed extensive experience of childcare centers, having completed numerous in the past.

When completing childcare design, there are a variety of factors that are to be taken into consideration including the style of daycare, services required, local council guidelines, and surrounding developments. We will ensure that we take all these into account and work with you and your requirements so that you get the desired outcome.

When completing the childcare design, the number and age of the kids, the number of workers and the indoor and outdoor space, and parking must all be taken in consideration to work out the maximum size and child numbers of the proposed development. Most commonly, we have clients coming to us that would like to max out the site area and ultimately, fit the maximum number of kids into the proposed design. As a result our experience, North Coast Design are able to quickly work out an estimate of how many children you will be able to fit on a proposed site to ensure the project is viable.

Many consultants are required to achieve Development and Building Approvals. North Coast Design through our years of experience, have developed working relationships with a variety of consultants and are happy to organize these on your behalf, or liaise with any preferred consultants that the client may have.

If you are interested in engaging North Coast Design then please contact us today. We offer a no-obligation meeting, that is free if you choose not to proceed. If you already have a site address, please ensure that is included so we can do our initial site research including Dial Before You Dig, intramaps and PlanWa

North Coast Design are also members of the Master Builders Association of Western Australia (MBAWA)

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